Norwegen: Regierungskommission befürwortet Kriminalisierung der HIV-Übertragung

In Norwegen hat die Regierungskommission ihren Bericht zur zur Strafbarkeit der HIV-Übertragung vorgelegt.

Der Bericht weist HIV-Positiven eine besondere Verantwortung zu:

„In the Commission’s view, the infected party has a special responsibility for preventing onward infection. An infected person who is aware of his or her infection status and has received infection control counselling therefore has reason to take steps to ensure adequate protection against infection.“

Der Bericht spricht sich de facto für die Kriminalisierung aus:

„Nevertheless, the Commission’s majority – 11 out of 12 members – are of the opinion that the circumstances in a number of cases, including many of the cases adjudicated under section 155 of the 1902 Penal Code, are such that the infected party has acted in such a blameworthy manner as to make a criminal sanction both right and reasonable.“

Eine Zusammenfassung ist in englischer Sprache verfügbar.


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